My level of motivation to get to gym has been lacking of late.  Everyone I know goes through a lack of motivation.  This morning I turned over twice and then decided to get moving and get to gym.

I’ve found that knowing that my #gym clothes are waiting is one of the ways of helping to motivate me, its one less excuse.  When everything is neatly waiting, I feel almost guilty to ignore it and knowing that I took the time the night before to get it all sorted.

Another thing I find its having an unofficial accountability partner.  By telling my trainer that I’ll see him or my boys or friends that I’m going to gym, I feel too embarrassed to face them with a lame excuse when I don’t go.

Another motivator is the Discovery Vitality points I earn.  Besides the great benefits or extra return on healthy purchases, reduced travel rates, I get money back on my premiums paid.

And finally, knowing deep down that once I’ve been to gym, I feel so darn good and proud of myself and I know that my mood improves tenfold, who can not want to get moving.  I am also loving my new improved body and sense of health and wellness.  Its so divine – I want to keep it.

So take time to find what works for you = maybe guilt doesn’t work as well for you as it does for me, or accountability, but do find what it is and find a way to work it.

Here’s to getting motivated and your success.



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1 Comment on Mustering motivation

  1. Lynn
    23 January 2015 at 04:52 (7 years ago)

    I certainly need to find my motivation and also what is going to work long term i.t.o. getting to the gym! When I have been I remember how much I love it.