EX pats in Great Britian, Europe, USA, Mauritus, Australia and New Zealand (among others) will be happy to hear that they are now able to order our beloved Mr. Prices products online.  Visit the international site here and simply choose your country.  Orders over certain amounts get shipped for free and others are charged a low minimal rate.

Trendy fashionable clothing at discount prices.



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3 Comments on Mr. Price available to USA, Australia, UK & others

  1. Jolene
    26 May 2014 at 09:41 (8 years ago)

    Day made wiwithth this post Aunty Wends! Xx

    • Wendy
      26 May 2014 at 10:00 (8 years ago)

      🙂 Glad to have made your day my sweetie.

  2. Lynn
    27 May 2014 at 03:50 (8 years ago)

    That sure is great news for ex-pats.