Hi lovelies,

Trust everyone who stops by is doing great.

So, as my heading says, I’m moving on up, (I’m) moving on out … So excited.

I had moments of doubt which ranged from …

a. can I afford to live in a better area/house where the rental is higher;

b. am I going to find a place within my budget that suits my needs (I saw some horrible places in my ‘new’ price range, but I kept my alignment to my desire and wishes and asked the Infinite Loving Consciousness to take over)

I had seen some shockers, meaning they were absolutely uninhabitable according to me and a few really nice places, but each of them had a negative which I was not prepared to compromise on, one being nowhere to put my washing machine, another where other dwellers on the property would park their car directly in front of my bedroom window and with there being no real garden to speak of, and another where the back of the property is on a park – for some, that would be a great bonus, but sadly, its a HUGE security risk in this city.

I had some requests, a big one being that there be enough closet space so that I could pack things away and not have clutter around me. I’m developing a strong aversion to clutter of all kinds. Although the space I’ve been in now and previously had quite a lot of packing space, they weren’t quite adequate. I really wanted to have a view of a beautiful garden, and if there was a swimming pool that I would be allowed reasonable access .. the only wish that is not fulfilled here is that of a bath to soak in … but its the bigger ones were the closet space and garden and even more importantly, that the property be as well kept as the previous one I rented – wishes fulfilled 150%.

Below are some pictures taken while the previous tenant was still living there.


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