I’ve fallen head over heels in love with grey, again. I’m also totally enjoying the cut of this top.

2016-04-14-14.05.12It’s a lovely soft knit and I”m wanting to add a few more of these asymmetric cut tops to my closet.   Maybe I’ll get daring and make a few.  I haven’t sewn in years and maybe its time to give it a little go.  Could be something else to keep me busy. They’re a great addition for ladies with a bit of a tummy to hide as they skim over the bits and give you a little room as they are not fitted.2016-04-14-14.07.55

These shoes have been worn so many times, but they’re showing such wear.  I wish that when I buy shoes I’d know they’re going to be worn a gazillion times and then I would buy two or three pairs, so that i have some in ‘reserve’.


I wore this top previously with white jeggings on Easter Saturday to breakfast with my sisters. I wore it with my converse, so it was a far more casual look.  I do like to have items that I can dress up or down.  You get so much more of your money worth when you can wear something both casual and more dressed up.


Whats on your list for this season and the coming winter?  I’m considering a suede waterfall jacket and possibly a suede skirt.  Have seen a few around but none that have called my name begging to come home with me.

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