Red skirt with floral tie-front top.
Skirt : Truworths
Top : Free 2 B U @ Edgars
Shoes : Truworths
Bracelets : Charlotte Russe
Earrings : Foschini
Necklace : Freshwater pearls from NWJ (a gift many years ago from my ex-husband)
I needed the cheeriness of this floral top this morning.  I love it’s lightweight material.  Again the temperature is expected to be fairly high today so I wanted to be cool.  I’m also pretty tired after a busy day that started with me waking up at 04:30 when Schatz got up to head out to the run and then I was chatting on Whatsapp with my daughter before dragging myself out of bed and getting started for the day.
The kids and I headed to the Run and then for lunch and then from East to West to my niece for her sons 2nd birthday party.  Then back south to home.  All in all a busy but fun day was had by all.
~::~  ~::~  ~::~
Do you see the box and balls behind me … those are my collection toward the ‘other’ part of Toy Run which took place yesterday.  Those are for the Cassie Run will takes place in early December.  Yesterday saw the Toy Run take in over 35,000 toys.  So awesome to see all the bikers with the toys on their bikes.  And let me say, as with any biker gathering, there are some sights to behold … where you about have to drag your jaw off the ground … I don’t quite get why its necessary to dress sp damn trashy just because you’re on a bike?  I refrained, with great difficulty, from taking pics of the sights ;-), so instead, I’ll share pics of the fun side of it all.  For your viewing pleasure ….
The start of the day
The bike, the bear and the skull cap all match.

This little dude was too cute with his trailer of toys he was donating.

This gent has no space left of his vest for badges or pins.

Yip – thats a lady biker and what a bike she’s riding
The volunteers sorting at the collection point.

The beauties of the day
The Harley Davidson Rig
The ‘early morning’ photo
That bear with its own helmet on is too cute
Umm … not sure why there are still toys on this bike?
Donations are still being accepted if you did not have a chance to go through … visit Toy Run for contact details or leave me a message and I’ll send you more details.

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4 Comments on Monday … red means caution and The Toy Run

  1. Lisa
    26 November 2012 at 06:28 (9 years ago)

    I think red means pretty on you!

  2. Marla
    26 November 2012 at 10:36 (9 years ago)

    Those pics are great. You look lovely.

  3. Lynette
    26 November 2012 at 11:17 (9 years ago)

    Lady in Red, you look wonderful. Our children loved the Toy Run on Saturday at the Nelson Mandela Stadium. They really received awesome toys.

    26 November 2012 at 23:54 (9 years ago)

    This is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing those awesome photos! Hubby and I used to ride Harley….well, me holding on for life ~ brings back good memories.
    You look beautiful in red!