This is so in your face and whether we like to believe it or not, there’s really only ‘us’ standing in our own way.  The old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” is so true.  You hear stories regularly of people achieving amazing feats despite a hundred obstacles standing in their way – with that in mind – do we really have the right to sit and whinge and whine and make pitiful little excuses –


If this has motivated you, then plan your week now!

Decide that no matter how tired, uninspired or busy you are, you’ll make 15 minutes to get on the treadmill or take the dog for a walk twice this week, that you’ll do it – FOR YOU! 

Find the time to shop for the right food and spend a few minutes planning the weeks menu.  Find ways to make time the time, not excuses.

You are the caretaker of you and you deserve to be looked after as well.  So if it means forfeiting 15 minutes of TV time, getting up 15 minutes earlier, or arranging tomorrows needs today (by this I mean doing tomorrows shopping today, or doing some of the dinner prep today) then do it.

Get out of the “I’m too busy” mindset and get into the ‘this is for me first, my health, my quality of life and my family”  mindset.

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