My son Jarod signed up to join the USA Army.

I’m not sure how to articulate how I feel about it. Its a bag of mixed emotions. Being a born and bred South African, living in the USA, its an amazingly mature decision to be made by him.

He won’t be a South African for much longer, as part of him being accepted is that he gets American Citizenship, which makes perfect sense. I will then have two American children. When my dream to move to the USA started, I never imagined I’d be here in Africa without my children and they would be there, making lives for themselves, becoming Americans, going to the military. Strange how things work out in life though.

I do admit that the deep-seated concern is that he may be deployed, but that we’ll let the gods work with. We’ll just keep him covered with love and light and prayers.

Are you a military parent?

How do feel about it?

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