… I totally forgot yesterday, with this awful pain in my back, about the ‘Meet me on Monday’ blog hop … but here it is … better late than never?

1. What is your favorite dessert?
Tiramisu … real Italian made Tiramisu, hmmmmm, yummy

2. What do you wear to bed?
PJ pants and any long sleeve t-shirt I find in winter, in summer … ummm *blush* usually by birth suit or a tank top with shorts.

3. Do you get regular manicures/pedicures?
Nope – would love to, but then find that making the time is a challenge and on top of that the guilt … but pedis I do want to start having done more regularly.

4. Did you play any sports in high school?
Nope – I fractured my foot in Grade 8 and sadly, it was never quite the same after that and I found that the jumping in netball was just too painful.

5. Do you have an iPod?
No I don’t.  Am I the last person on earth not to have one?

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