Marvellous because the weather is just stunning and the weekends weather was wonderful.  Sunshiney and warm and last night for the the first time in absolute months I did not sleep with socks on.
We had a wonderful busy Sunday.  The children’s school has a ‘Dads ‘n Lads’ group which organises events such as the camp out on the school grounds earlier this year that the boys and G-man joined in for and yesterday we took a trip up to the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre and then headed out to Northgate for the kids to ice skate.
Liam was not too happy and got mightily frustrated by the whole thing and started getting angry each time he fell.  Courteney could well be employed as as a fan to keep the ice cool with all the flipping and flailing of arms she had going on.  I sat and laughed myself silly watching the three of them, and only because I knew that had I dared to get out there myself, I’d have looked more idiotic.  G-man of course can skate – so he was up and down for ages and helping the kids.  We then headed to Panarotties for lunch before heading for home. 
Once home, I sat down on the couch to relax and watch a few episodes of How do I look and Extreme Makeover Home Edition as all the sitting around exhausted me while the family ice skated.  I don’t think I moved off that couch until I headed off to bed at around 22:00.  Shrek the Third came on and Jarod snuggled up to me with the quilt which sent me off to dreamland and when I resurfaced, My Sisters Keeper was about to start.  I never even had dinner last night, but since it was a help yourself to what you can find type of event, I wasn’t too phased.
It was a great day, the kids loved it and Courteney and Jarod are already making plans to go ice skating again … just a pity that it’s clear on the other side of town.

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  1. cat
    16 August 2010 at 13:39 (11 years ago)

    Sounds like a great day out!