I think it’s easy to get caught up in the cost of items and the prestige of not shopping in the “less expensive” stores and at times, it feels a little snobby to say ‘oh I don’t/won’t go into that store’. It’s perfectly fine with me and no judgement, but every now and then you find a really great item at the less expensive stores.

For example, this little light taupe/beige skirt that I’m wearing for the second time. Well priced at way under R200 that I bought it in black as well. (If you don’t want to nip in these stores, give me a shout and I’ll do it for you at a nominal fee ;-).

I believe the secret to shopping the less expensive stores is to treat the items carefully – wash gently, iron carefully and I’ve found that many of the items last really well. I’ve had some bad experiences when at the first wash something unravelled. I do suggest looking at the stitching and checking the fit before dancing on home with your bargain (which I am guilty of doing as I so don’t like dressing room mirrors, especially when I’m shopping alone.)

My suggestions, to make your clothing last :

~ Wash your clothing on a gentle cycle (I wash the majority of my clothing on the handwash cycle; try woolen or delicate cycles if yours does not have this option).

~ Try to hang the item up as soon as its washed to prevent as much creasing as possible.

~ Dry out of direct sunlight; especially black and dark colours. Drying out in the sun can also make materials feel hard.

~ Iron with great care and with lots of steam. I iron a lot of dark clothing inside out to prevent it going shiny. I’m pendantic about that.

~ Enjoy your bargains.

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