Skirt and top : Truworths
Shoes : Rage
Coat : Oasis at Foschini

I had an audience this afternoon when I took my photos.  The boys were out playing in the garden and missy and the boyfriend were sitting on the edge of the patio chatting.  The light was just right so I dashed out.  I get a little self conscious taking my pics with an audience, and when I feel shy I tend to act a bit silly, but the kids are used to the production by now.  One of them needs to do a photography course for the days when my Schatz is not here and they can do the pictures.  I battle with taking my own photos.  I also took of the coat on, but forgot to take a full length pic without it on. 
Me acting silly
These are the shoes I bought on sale on Sunday in Sandton.  I’d been looking for a pair of shoes with a cap toe and finally found these … today I also saw a pair of black and beige ones but decided to behave.  I really need to sell some clothing and do a wardrobe stocktake … it’s becoming crazy here ;-).  I so adore this skirt, but boy, it was sitting a little snugger around the hips than what I remember it being the last time I wore it.  Oh boy, someone help, I need more hours in my day to do the ‘other’ things I still want to do.
I think Blogger had serious hiccups night before last.  I tried to make some changes to my layout and more widgets around and oh my, it went nuts.  Nothing was where I put it in the template and I was so frustrated.  It seems to have corrected itself and hopefully I can get it to do what I want … it felt like I was herding wild cats. 
I also saw that my previous post posted twice.  Its one I sent via email and it did not show up, so I resent and it only went through this morning as our server was acting up at work as well yesterday.  Makes things interesting.
I’m trying to decide what to wear on Sunday to my sister and my wonderful brother-in-laws renewal of their vows.  Its a morning event and apparently not too dressy … I’m battling with this. Also, I’ll be doing lots of photo taking … help!!!
Hope your Wednesday was stunning!   til next time … keep it Simply Sassy.

pleated poppy

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6 Comments on Magnificent Mustard

  1. Lisa
    27 June 2012 at 23:07 (10 years ago)

    Lovely Outfit! I like the mustard top…it elevates the whole look. The detail on the skirt is so pretty and your new shoes. You hit this one out of the park!

  2. Lynne DeVenny
    28 June 2012 at 02:51 (10 years ago)

    Mustard is your color, girl! Love the silly pose. I really hate taking my pics in front of others, but I’m trying to learn to roll with it a bit more.

  3. Shybiker
    28 June 2012 at 14:04 (10 years ago)

    Similarly shy, I also act silly when nervous. You’re kinda cute when silly!

    Love the shoes and top. You look great.

  4. Joni James
    28 June 2012 at 16:01 (10 years ago)

    You look wonderful in mustard!

    Make sure and wear comfortable shoes so you don’t fall down while focusing through your camera.

  5. Andi
    28 June 2012 at 19:06 (10 years ago)

    Mustard looks so great on you!

  6. Lynn
    7 July 2012 at 18:47 (10 years ago)

    I hope your sister is a little bit as wonderful as your brother-in-law!!! LOL!!!