FunnyI had promised myself in one form or fashion that I’d do my best to keep up with the visits to the gym.  So today, despite feeling really tired and uninspired, I hauled myself off to gym for a quick visit.  At first I thought I’d just do 15 minutes on the treadmill, but I added in four leg machines as well, which makes me pretty chuffed that I did more than I had intended.  I know once I’m there I usually do more than I initially anticipated doing.   My legs are feeling a little bit achy this evening which is another good sign.
We did quite a bit of walking while down on the coast which helped in that I did not do nothing and become super lazy.  I also found that I went up the hills with ease, whereas before I’d have taken some strain after 20 metres and been battling to keep my breath even.  All these little visits, they all adding up. 
Now all I need to do is get back onto the Weigh Less eating plan and I should see those lumps ‘n bumps start melting away.
I had considered hitting the pool this morning and I should have thought of that yesterday for Jarod when he had nothing to wear so opted out of visiting the gym.  It would be a nice change – hmmm I wonder where the swimming cap I bought is?
Happy day.


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