I hope the three posts will make up for the no ‘show’ photo today.

We were woken at 04:40 by a call from our neighbour saying there was a suspicious person standing outside our gate under the tree. Graeme call the armed response and once they’d been and established that he was known in the area and one of the many dustbin divers, we attempted to go back to bed. I laid down for a while but just could not get back to sleep.

I was up and about by about 05:45 and started puttering around and ended up in Jarod’s room and started doing some sorting.

Well, the sorting in his room progressed to both Liam’s and Courteneys. Liam’s bookshelf and drawers in his wardrobe need to be finished, but there are about 8 black dustbin bags being hauled out the house … victory! Hallelujah!!!! At last, it’s done and althought it’s 2011 and not 2010, we’re still right at the start of the year, so I’m chuffed they’ll start the school year with a clean slate.
In the middle of the day we did go off to do some shopping on uniforms and stationery and Taryn did some shopping too.  Things here are much cheaper she says, so she wanted to take advantage of that.  I’m sure she’ll do lots more shopping still.
I did not do too much dressing up … jeans from yesterday and a floral top .. .quick and easy look for a busy day.
Catch y’all real soon … stay stylish

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