Today was truly a maniac Monday and that’s no exaggeration.
From when I got into the office until I left, it was non-stop – go go go.
I dashed out of the office to an optometrist appointment for my drivers license screening, rushed into Clicks to fetch Courts med, only to find that their system was not finding my new details, dashed off to the Clicks closer to home, grabbed my haircolour and got the little ladies script, then dashed home and threw a hissy fit because my son had done exactly what I’d told him ‘not’ to do.  Tried without much success to fit down everyone’s throats, took my outfit photos, checked out my other son’s ‘stop motion’ photos, had a quick cut of coffee, sat on the couch for 15 minutes, then dashed off to class.
Walked back in the door about 2 hours later and sat straight down at the table and proceeded to help finish off the project that had me all bitter and twisted earlier.
So, how was your day?  lol … I’m now sitting here blogging and ‘chillin’.
Todays look :
Cropped pants – Truworths, top with crochet design – Meltz, Jacket – Finnigans at Truworths, heels – Plum, earrings – Justine Cosmetics.

Image 245

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2 Comments on January 24 – Maniac Monday

  1. Shybiker
    25 January 2011 at 02:01 (11 years ago)

    Sorry the day was so hectic. At least you looked good while racing around.