but, it’s my blog and it was a good giggle.  So here is how it happened …

We went off to the mall to do some shopping.  When done, G-man took us for lunch.  I needed to head off to the ladies and Missy tagged along.  As we walked past a gift store, they had these sassy coffee mugs in the window with different sayings … I read this one

Life is short,
Don’t date dull men.
It gave me a good giggle.
Missy pipes up, “Yes Mom!”
So I reply, “Do you really think G-man is dull”
Her reply … “No, but dad is a little dull, he only wears shorts and t-shirts”
“Oh”, say I “is that what makes men dull”
She shrugs her shoulders as if to say there are many other reasons and giggles under her breath while giving me a ‘don’t press me look’.  “But be honest she says, Dad is dull and he’d agree if with me if I asked him”.
Hmmmm … I’d put him more in the “predictable and play it safe” category … I guess that equals dull.  But to have it out of the mouth of babes, sadly, he must be duller than I remember.
Hope you had a good giggle this weekend.
Happy Week to you.

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