My newest addiction!  Avon Intensive Relief Hand Treatment


Winter simply sucks all the moisture out of my hands.  They flake and get little cuts around the cuticles, which can be mighty painful.  I’ve watched in horror as my mother has battled for years with dry skin to the point of her thumbs splitting open (splits on the actual thumbs, almost a cm long and they almost bleed).  It looks so painful and I’m thankful mine is not anywhere near as bad as that.

After trying this hand treatment, I gave a tube to my Mom, who was so impressed, she ordered additional tubes for herself.  I have a few floating about my house now and keep one in my hand as well.  Thinking about how well it works, the other day I decided to try it on my heels.  Oh my – its working so well.  They’ve not felt this soft in ages.  The cure of davonintensivereliefry skin – ugly dry heels.

I had given my sisters each a set which comprised of the Body Lotion, Hand Treatment and SOS balm.  One has ordered more of the SOS balm another more of the body lotion.  Waiting to see if my other sister will get as hooked as the rest of the women in our family.

So, if you’re suffering from really dry skin (not recommended for Scrapbookers when they’re Scrapbooking though) I suggest you give this a try.  (Scrapbookers – do try it at night though).

My rating 10/10

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1 Comment on I’m addicted … Avon Intensive Relief Hand Treatment

  1. Lynn
    22 July 2015 at 21:26 (7 years ago)

    Your other sister may well get hooked!!! LOL!!!