Do you ever feel at times that world has become to casual?

From how people dress for work to special events.  I’m often quite surprised at what I see and then shocked to find that I’m following suit in some respects, are we just becoming lazy?.

We eat our evening meals at the dinner table in my home and its been a rule I set when Courteney was just a baby.  I also used to insist that the TV be turned off, but we’ve become a little relaxed about that rule over time.

We don’t set the set with table cloth and all the trimmings, but we do put down place mats and condiments etc. and eat together.  Once in a while if we’re going ‘casual’ as I call it, we’ll eat in the lounge, but its not the norm.  I love that little bit of time together.

However, when we do have an event, I put it in a little more effort and when I found this ‘how to set the table’ thought I’d put it up for others to use as well, because I’m pretty sure that since I’m at a loss as to where things go on the table, others may well be too.


How about surprising your significant other and setting the table with candles and a rose out the garden and putting your take outs on plates just for fun.

{Feature image from Camilla Styles}

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1 Comment on How to set a table

  1. Lynn
    26 March 2014 at 12:52 (8 years ago)

    I think we have mostly become very relaxed with the dinner table ~ thanks for the heads up on where everything goes on a formal table.