Trying to remove stains is one thing, but trying to remove stains you don’t know what caused is can another struggle with its own complexities, we have tried to make it easier to beat these mysterious stains in this post, if you can relate to this then read on.

Stains are difficult to remove but it is even harder when you don’t know what caused the stain. Hence we cannot stress enough the importance of first knowing your stains before knowing what will work best to remove them. We however know that sometimes it is really hard to know what stains you have on your clothes and there is a solution to that too. Here are some tips to help you identify stains and thus figure out how to best remove them.

Check for Similarities

First things first, look for similarities in your stains. A solution that will work for milky stains will probably also work for cheese-based stains. When looking for stains, it is important to keep in mind that stains are categorized into:

Protein-based – Includes baby food, milk-based, cheese-based, egg products etc.

Oil-based – These include greasy substances, butter,  oil-based cosmetics, mayonnaise etc.

Tannin Stains – Alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, black tea and coffee etc. cause tannin stains.

Dye Stains – Include wine, berries, ink, hair dye, food colouring etc.

Combination Stains – These include chocolate products, cosmetics, crayons, anything oily and waxy, but contains other compounds like dyes or tannin.

Once you have an idea of the type of stain you are dealing with, it is essential that you check the ingredients listed on the label of the product that caused the stain. This will give you an idea of how to remove the stain. If you have an idea of the chemical composition of the stain but still do not know what caused it, treat it as a stain with no name.

 No Name Stain

When the origin of the stain has got you frustrated, it is probably best to consider these options:

  • Location– Where were you when you got the stain? Cooking? Or sitting down on something or cleaning? If the stain appears on the front of your fabric, you were probably cooking or putting on lotion or make-up.
  • Memory– Try to remember what you were doing when you last wore that fabric or immediately after wearing it.
  • Use senses– Smell, touch, look at the stain for alcohol, perfume, nail polish or motor oil stains.
  • Note the color– This will be tricky if the above suggestions are not considered because older or dry stains can discolor and possibly cause you to misdiagnose the stain.

Treating The Stain With No Name

This is a tricky one especially if you don’t know the stain. For these no name stains, you may use a trial and error approach. However, it is important to keep the following in mind when doing this. First, avoid using hot water as it sets protein-based stains. Rather use warm or cold water. Secondly, for better results, soak fabric and use motion blotting with liquid detergents to remove the stain. Lastly, this process can be repeated if stain still persists.

We hope these tips have surely lifted off the weight of struggling to remember and remove the stains on your clothes, carpet or upholstery. If anything, they should inspire you to try them out and share with friends and family. If you have more creative tips on stain removal that you try in your home, share them with us. For more tips on stains visit the Vanish Stain Remover website and stay worry free.

**This post was sponsored by Vanish Stain Remover.**

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