Shew – finally it’s Friday. 
Although this week did whizz by in a bit of a hurry and my head is spinning as we edge ever closer to the year end. 
Today is Casual Day which helps to raise money for people with disabilities.  This year the theme was ‘dress for laughs‘.  Our company had a bit of a competition and get together first thing this morning.  It was fun.  The staff put some serious effort into their outfits and our company supplied meat pies and cool drinks … it was way too early for me to eat that.
When we got back into the office, our floor had ‘tea’ thanks to the other half of our JV (Joint Venture).
My children have not attended school this whole weed due to the public servants strike, but thankfully we were notified that school will resume next week irrespective of the outcome of the strike and there will be additional security in place as well.  Missy has been complaining that she’s bored.
Tomorrow Schatz and are off to a wedding and my mom will be watching whichever of the troupe are home.  Missy is off to a friends birthday party and Lambert may be going to spend the evening at a friend.
Now this one of those disjointed posts that seems aimless … so I’ll say Ciao and have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend.

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