Happy 22nd birthday to my brown eyed girl  … Boo a.k.a Courteney.
And just like that, the summer weather is on its way.  We had the most awesome rain over the weekend, the side effect for me was that I felt super lazy and did as little as possible, besides hang out with my sister and the crocheting ladies on Saturday and ended up spending Sunday moving from couch to bed and back.  I can’t say that I really needed to relax that much, but, such is the life of a singleton with no responsibilities (between us, I miss my charges more than words can say).

I’m so thrilled to say that my flight to the USA isconfirmed.  I am just needing to book my flight from Houston to Jacksonville.  I’m super thrilled to be able to spend a few days (5 – YES, 5 DAYS with my awesome friend Judi and her family).  When we chatted and I confirmed that I was coming to visit, initially I said I’d spend three days, her reply was “no, three days is not enough, I need you for at least 5”!.

Woohoo – your wish is granted my friend ;-).

I decided to commit to a new plant this weekend – two in the last three months.  I’m still in limbo in so many ways.  I’ve decided to renew the lease on the cottage for another 6 months as I’m just not sure where to next.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and energy work on myself.  So much is changing and rearranging and the new learnings are just awesome.

Listening to awesome audio books.  The latest are :

  1. The Code of the extraordinary mind, Vishen Lakhiani
  2. Becoming Supernatural, Dr Joe Dispenza
  3. The five levels of attachment, Don Miguel Ruiz

and this morning I started listening to The three questions, Don  Miguel Ruiz.

I’m at the stage of pure boredom with my closet, but I’m conservative with my spending at the moment as its almost time for my trip, which is more exciting than a new closet (kinda) – but hey, if you feel like spoiling me, go ahead 😉

I bought this 3/4 sleeve top earlier this year, or maybe toward the end of last year.  I kinda liked the floral print to it.  Its an easy one to wear to my ueber casual work environment.  Honestly, I could get away with coming to work in shorts most days.  The jeggings I bought about a month ago from Woolworths – they are so comfortable and such a great fit.  The sandals (all says “OMG they’re gorgeous”) are from Aldo.

I’m really pondering what to do with my hair.  A little bored, but comfortable with my hairstyle and not sure if I should let it grow a little longer or do something drastically different.  You’re forgiven if you rolled your eyes when you read that.  I looked at a photo yesterday where I had highlights in my hair a few years back and I so did not like it, although a couple months back I was considering getting some done for summer.  Maybe I need to go a little lighter!  Sigh!  I’m afraid I’ve become complacent with the ease of this hairstyle.  Bottom line though – I’m a little late with the tidy up this month, so it’s looking a wee bit ragged.

Well folks, if you stopped by, drop a hi in the comments.

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