As my obsession with gym has grown, what I haul with me has grown from a towel and water to a few more items.  Since I live 1.2kms from my gym, I don’t shower there as its less that a minute to get home.

Here’s my work out essentials  :

I take my tablet with me for two reasons :

  1. I have a tabata timer on it, for when I’m feeling dedicated and amped and am geared up for a serious workout
  2. I keep my workouts on it.  I change up my workouts often, sometimes using workouts from Pinterest or Fit Affinity and it’s easy to refer to them.

iFrogz earbuds : to zone out and enjoy my music or listen to an audio book, depending on my mood

Hygiene wet wipes: you just don’t know what other people do, for instance, how often I see people not wash their hands when they come out of the loo … eeewwww

Deodorant : smelling bad after gym workouts and needing to pop into a store is not pretty

A high protein energy bar : for the days when I feel depleted immediate after a workout. You have to keep your body fuelled

Lip balm : a good workout can cause dry lips, my fave is the Justine tissue oil lip balm.

Towel : seriously, have you ever wanted to get onto a machine and its covered with someone else’s sweat :gag:.  Also good for wiping your brow when you’re sparkling.  If you shower at your gym, remember, you’ll need two towels 🙂

Water bottle : I have so many now, but you may want to take two, or even three depending how thirsty a person you are as sometimes one is just not enough.  If not and you refill as gym, A word of advise – see if your gym is putting in actual filtered water and not tap water (just because the bottle on the cooler says its filtered  – does not mean they may not be refilling with government juice)

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