Damn girl, you look fine today!

So, I’m going to be very honest with this post today, and I double, no triple dare you to be as well and, no you don’t have to leave a comment, but just smile and nod if that’s all you can do.

I am almost willing to bet that if you dig through your memory bank, somewhere in your history, you once accepted a compliment and someone in your “circle” called you ‘vain’ or said ‘my, aren’t you full of yourself’.  That comment made you believe that you needed to water down any compliments paid to you and somehow the notion that you needed to make an excuse when complimented was born!  Am I right?

Today I want to ask you to please stop doing that.  Just yesterday I paid a gorgeous young woman a compliment.  I told her that my bestie and I feel she has stunning legs.  She replied saying “they’re covered in fat”!!!  Gasp!!!  They certainly are not covered in fat, but I asked her to try and accept a compliment and mentioned that I’d started writing this blog post about accepting compliments.  Please learn to accept a compliment.  Don’t undermine the person paying you a compliment by brushing their compliment aside, making excuses for whatever it is they’re paying you a compliment about, its not pleasant or necessary.

So today, Guess What?   I’m giving you permission to simply accept, graciously, compliments paid to you.  Enjoy them – and if anyone dares to give you attitude after paying you a compliment and you accept it graciously, I dare you to ask them why they bothered in the first place.


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  1. Lynn
    22 February 2015 at 11:02 (7 years ago)

    Interesting and true!