I met my three older sisters and brother-in-law for breakfast to celebrate my sisters Noleens birthday that was yesterday.

Noleen, Lynn and I

We met at Life Grand at The Mall of The South.  The company was awesome, the manager very apologetic for the cold Eggs Benedict that Lynn and Norma were served.  My Mediterranean vegetables on health bread was also a little cold, but very tasty.

I decided to wear the new jeggings and top I bought week before last from Identity.  It was a perfect outing  for them.  After breakfast, for the first time in for forever (in other words, I honestly don’t remember us all 4 shopping together) we went to look at H&M and then on to Edgars.

Grey and white – looking just right

This is a perfect day to night/casual to dressy outfit.  For a quick dress up I’d add some heels, naturally, more bling and dramatic jewellery and smokey eyes … you’d be good to go in no time for a dressier affair.

CZ earrings from Fifth Avenue Collections
Grey and silver bracelet from Miladys

I’ve been behaving fairly well with my spending and limiting my spending.  Today I indulged in a navy and white polka dot shirt from H&M and a black and white striped bag from Forever New.

Forever New Handbag

My love affair with stripes, polka dots, leopard print and lace is growing steadily.  I’m still on the hunt for a good pair of leopard print pumps to replace the ones the dog chewed and the cheapies from MRP that lasted fairly well considering the price and quality.

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