The Universe never ceases to amaze me.

Just when things become almost predictable, and you think you kinda have it figured out, or the path looks illuminated, it throws you a few curve balls, all at once.  I’m learning, or at least practising ‘going with the flow’.   I found it too stressful to continually try and force the Universe to go with my ideas.  What a relief.  You’re never too old to change how you deal with stuff.

So I extended my Personal Trainers start to January 2016, to give myself a chance to get into the swing of my new routine.  I’m still beyond excited and terrified to get started on my coursework.

I’m scarce.  I’m busy.  I’m learning.  I’m becoming.  I am.

And still, I get up and get dressed and post mostly on Instagram, but since I wear a kind of uniform now, its rather boring.  But today, I could not go the entire day in a golf shirt AGAIN, although I did start the day wearing one, I ended up in this 20151126_213957

And I gym, but have a new training schedule I’m working to.  Its a different approach and I’m battling with it a little.  I so wanted to share a progress picture, but after some really rude images were sent to me, I was strongly advised by the man not to.  I will say this, I’m almost confident enough to rock a bikini on a beach, so much so, I actually bought myself a new one.

2013-07-18 20.20.14The hard work, early mornings, declining of the ‘sweet’ stuff has helped me transform my body.  I’m still a work in progress but, I’m close now.  So close.  But I have this nagging concern, with each little bit of improvement, the obsession to see what more my body can do grows.

But I’m yet to decide where the finish line will be.

Well folks, I hope to get my blogging groove back soon.

Nice to see y’all

2015-07-17 09.24.07-1


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2 Comments on Going with the flow

  1. MonicaP
    27 November 2015 at 09:04 (6 years ago)

    Woo hoo! Sounds like you’ve got a shape up plan and are moving forward – better than sitting on the couch ~ right? 🙂


  2. Lynette Jacobs
    27 November 2015 at 17:34 (6 years ago)

    You are amazing…and you look amazing. All that gym time has paid off.