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Not only did I achieve my gym goal for the week, but I bettered it by doing three visit.  I was whacked hard by a migraine when I got home though so I quickly gulped down painkillers, closed my curtains and started doing stretches.  If you’ve never had a migraine I hope you never do have one – they’re horrid.  
I did arms/shoulders today and finished off with a 10 minute fat loss on the treadmill.  All in all, 45 minutes and I was done.  
My workout consisted of 3 sets with 8 reps on the following machines :
Seated Row
Bicep curl
Chest press
Tricep push down
Seated fly
Shoulder press
Abdominal crunches
I may consider going to do a few laps in the pool tomorrow, but shall see how I feel in the morning.  If Jarod is keen to go, then that may be just the push I need.  I think I need to go find my swimming costume and cap.
The weather report said we may get scattered thunder showers this afternoon – that would be like manna from heaven as its still so dry here and we’ve had no rain as yet.  
Well folks – that’s all from me for this morning – need to crack on with my work.
Hope your Friday is simply Fabulous.

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2 Comments on Fun and fabulous Friday

  1. Lynn
    14 September 2013 at 04:36 (8 years ago)

    WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! I am so happy that you bettered your gym goal ~ It is always such an amazing feeling to do better than you planned.

    Sorry about the migraine! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. Lynette
    15 September 2013 at 19:37 (8 years ago)

    I am impressed Wendy. You just keep that up.