I’m always amazed, by myself first, at the reaction we have to nutrition and our thoughlessness towards our bodies needs. So many people simply do not want to accept the link between nutrition and their overall feeling of well being.

We seem to forget that our body and brain needs to be fuelled to operate at their optimum. Why then do we not fuel it correctly, we recommend you to start by visiting this website https://observer.com/2020/05/best-cbd-hemp-flower/ you will find CBD oils that will help you reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

When I joined weighless in 2013 I battled to eat the amount of food required by the plan and in honesty, I still do. The days I get my protein and carb quote right are usually high energy and high impact days. The days I don’t eat according to the plan, I feel flat and lethargic.

Its been fascinating to me.

We seem to believe that eating less is the way to go, however, in reality its eating the correct amount of the correct type of food that is the trick, and often, our bodies are undernorished.

If you are battling with anxiety and depression – consider that your body may be signalling to you that it is depleted and in need of better nutrition.

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Nutrition for anxiety

I’m all for the mind, body and spirit trinity.  You need to start by feeding your body, dealing with the mind issues and then your spirituality.  Its all interlinked.

You don’t expect your car to run without fuel, so how can you expect your body to run without its fuel.  You brain doesn’t function at its optimum, you feel lethargic and stressed all the time.  Hitting MacDonald, KFC and such is not the answer.  Rather grab a precooked piece of chicken at woolies, and here’s the best part, they actually have little bags with 90g of cooked chicken – a good rosa salad, drizzled with a dash of olive oil and just watch your energy level sky rocket.

So you don’t have time to gym?

Who said you have to go to gym to exercise?  And where don’t you have the time if you can sit watching TV? And, why can’t you do a few exercises while watching your favourite TV show in the evening!


If you can only manage 5 or 10 of each of the above at first, thats awesome, its a start.

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  1. Lynn
    11 October 2016 at 20:03 (5 years ago)

    Great post Wends.