Surfing this morning I ran across a post by Project Hot Mess with a link to 9 TedTalks about Minimalism.

This one (probably part of the appeal is that she is a mature woman compared to the others presenting) I particularly enjoyed. I’ve been on a major declutter and am amazed at how much stuff I have and how quick and easy it is to accumulate it. I let go of a lot of stuff when I moved out of the house I shared with my children and ex-partner, although a lot of ‘stuff’ ended up in his storage container until December before last when I decided to clear that out.

Overwhelmed is a word I have to acknowledge that I’ve felt often of late and to be honest I have for the longest time felt that my ‘stuff’ is weighing me down, overwhelming me, confusing me, suffocating me and almost holding me hostage.

As I moved into a new place with less kitchen storage space (despite giving away quite a few items to a friends daughter) I am now debating what to do with and how to deal with what I have still have.

I feel another huge decluttering on the horizon, however, I must admit that I am guilty of the email and files and photos clutter – VERY guilty. I think it’s time to hit the delete button on the emails pre-2018 and start over with a clean box.

Are you a minimalist or a clutter bug?

How do you feel about it?

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