It’s Friday, and a lot of us here in SA are having a super long weekend … with Tuesday being Women’s Day (Read the story behind this special day here), we’re taking Monday off and having a four day weekend. 
Besides scrapbooking on Tuesday, I don’t have very much planned outside of the house, but there are few things I’d like to work on at home like some wardrobe planning, decluttering, tidy a draw or two and see how the gardens really looking.
But, since the weekend only starts later today here’s a little lust list/luv list of mine for the moment :
Luv List
No. 1 on my luv list
My favourite ‘foreigner’ … how much I’d luv to hug this little person on the right – oh okay, I’d give him a hug too, but I miss this beauty on a dialy basis.  She’s number one on my luv list.

No. 2 on my luv list

Most often, I cannot understand why Cover stick/concealers are so darn expensive.  But earlier this week, I popped into Clicks for some items and saw this product, it’s a range that’s new to me and I stopped to look at what was on offer, then noticed their cover stick and the price – gasp at R35.00 – I had to give it a try.  I’m hooked, it goes on softly where so many feel like you’re attempting to put chalk on your face, spreads easily and feels light as air.  I’m sold on this.

No. 3 on my luv list

When bagging the concealer I came across this awesome hand cream.  I usually avoid Nivea moisturisers as I find them too oily, but was so surprised by this hand cream and their blurb “fast absorbing” is true.  It really does absorb quickly and my hands feel amazing.
Lust List

No. 1 on my lust list … THESE SHOES from ANTHROPOLOGIE ‘SPEAK TO ME’

Although way out of my price range, these shoes are just awesome, but at $158 which is roughly R1100.00, nope, now way, I have never bought shoes that cost that much… Y.E.T.    

No. 2 of the Lust list

Working towards a room in the above style … getting there, slowly but surely.

Lust No. 3

Well friends, that’s it for the moment … be fabulous, be stunning … ‘n dream a little.

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1 Comment on Friday Lust List/Luv List

  1. Shybiker
    5 August 2011 at 14:29 (10 years ago)

    Have a great long weekend. I’m happy that the week is over.