Although my day was anything but ‘ mellow yellow’ my outfit sure was. 

Some issues, in fact big issues, have cropped up with the latest employee and is not looking good with many complaints lodged.  It makes me feel edgy, as I don’t like it when there are complaints.  But, the broker needs to sort this out.

It was also our big monthly meeting and yesterday was pressured to get the report done, which was achieved, but then today, they decided to move meetings around and wow, what a mission.  But, hopefully we got them in the correct dates but they all have tons of requests to now accept.
I wore a new skirt I bought about 3 weeks back, on sale – don’t we all love sales.  I was not 100% sure about it at the time, but I felt rather smart in it and I really should have taken a picture of the back as it has a pleated design.

I think my entire outfit is from Truworths.  The skirt is from their Glamour range and has a lovely sheen to it.  It’s really awesome.  I think my shoes could have been a few shades lighter, but the one pair I considered were too light and I don’t think my ‘snakeskin’ courts were appropriate for this look.  I felt a little ‘Mad Men’ again today … I really am excited about the feminine looks I’m seeing in the magazines. 
I’m looking forward to remixing this skirt soon.  Any suggestions of what I should mix it with next?
I’m thinking with my white frilled shirt and maybe my brown jacket?
Or my navy frilled top?
or … suggestions, please.
Yesterday I did not get to take photos as it was just a bit of a crazy afternoon, but I wore my cream cropped pants and a blue ‘frilled’ top .. I think it was a pretty look overall and it’s a pity I did not get to record the look.
My hair is in need of a cut – but I’m going to wait because I really can’t make up my mind what to do and I can be impulsive, so it’s dangerous for me to go near the hairdressers.  My sister said last night when we went to class that she likes it this lenght, but then, she likes long hair and I think it makes me look a little drab, but when you’re pushed for time, running late or in a hurry, you can always clip or tie it up.

Anyways, that’s all from me for today … stay stylish … Tschuess

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3 Comments on February 8th – another … Mellow Yellow Day

  1. Sheila
    9 February 2011 at 16:56 (11 years ago)

    I love that skirt! I would wear it with a bright red.

    That yellow cardi is lovely on you.

  2. whenlifehandsyouapear
    14 February 2011 at 01:15 (11 years ago)

    Beautiful skirt! Maybe I’m boring, but I’d love to see it with a black top.