Wow – again it’s weekend.
I do like having a list/plan to work to – not cast in stone, but that I know what’s expected.  The families schedules look like this :
The boys are attending the 1000 bike show.
Then little man has a birthday party to attend.
G-man is riding the BMW Frostbike Run to Little Switzerland – I’ve opted out as I’m just not fit enough to attempt to ride with him.  The mere thought of riding all the way there and back exhausted me, and I had not even swung my leg over the bike.
So, while he’s riding, I may head to church.
What I’d also like to do this weekend is get some photos sorted and printed and get at least one scrapbook page done.  It’s now heading for two years since I last finished a page and I’ve been buying bits ‘n pieces and adding to my collection, but I have not scrapbooked.  I have 6 kits that I bought and have not even opened – I’m quite bad.
I also need to spend some time getting my ironing done.  Yes, I am anal about my clothing and how it’s washed and ironed, and my maid is not allowed to iron any of my work clothing.  It’s all washed on the wool cycle, hung to dry just ‘so’ and then I iron it.  But I haven’t done my ironing and now more than half my wardrobe needs to be ironed and I haven’t been very creative about what I’ve been wearing and I feel rather bored despite having added about 8 items to my wardrobe in the past month.
So, we’ll see if I get to do any of what I’m planning as often I do everything but.
Have a fabulous Friday and awesome weekend.

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1 Comment on Fabulous Funky Friday

  1. cat
    5 July 2010 at 13:13 (12 years ago)

    Hope you got all that ironing done.