Can you believe its already Friyay again peeps?  I can’t!  The weeks are just rushing by.

The decluttering is going along, still lots to do and after a chat with my friend Estelle last night, its time to kick into high gear.  I finally faced the reality that I love buying scrapbooking products but am no longer inspired to scrapbook.  I am quite shocked to see just how much paper I have amassed – not mentioning all the other things that go with this hobby.  That’s just one area of my ‘world’ … lol.

So, between decluttering a little packing and tons of editing, I’m sad to say that I”ve not been having any fun … and I’m feeling desperate for some fun.  So today, I will take a few minutes to find something fun to do this weekend – any suggestions.

I met my bestie this week to deliver her sons moisturiser and have a cuppa – we love Lua Bakery in Alberton.  Its a gorgeous converted house with the most tranquil garden that features a fish pond … I could sit there all day, every day enjoying the tranquility and sun.  They are also redecorating and I am curious to go back and see what more Cindy does.  She has such awesome style.

For our little meeting I wore this neutral outfit20160921_180856I love jeggings, I’m sure you can tell – I bought these ‘cheapies’ at Pick ‘n Pay and I’m going to say, sadly, that they are a cheap buy as they start to get a funny ‘pull’ across the groin.   I treat all my clothing as though they are designer and they are washed with care, hung to dry and I don’t iron my jeggings either, I don’t believe there is a need. So, when they do the same thing on more than one pair, there is obviously a flaw in the design.  I’ve noticed that the pull effect seems to be where there is a double stitching on the side.  My sister suggested I take it up with them – but I’ll see.  Not today at least. I’m going to have to rethink purchasing any more of them.  My top is from Houston, and for the life of me I can’t remember right now which store – shoes are from Kelso and this I think was their last outing.


Yesterday was a gorgeous day – with the sunshine and warm air I decided to embrace the weather and wore these shorts and this old old old top from Meltz (I don’t know if there are Meltz stores left) Sandals are from Grendha– what a worthwhile purchase two years ago.  Much more expensive than what I usually spend on sandals, but they have proven to be worth every penny I paid.20160914_144839

This outfit is from last week that I did not post on here.  We had winter weather last week and sitting at my desk this was just warm enough  I love this shade of blue.  Jeggings are from Guess, Knit top from Kelso, Edgars and my sneakers (are they called sneakers?) from Levi.  I love my converse and am sorry that I did not get a denim pair on my trip to Houston, but these are a good second.  And as anyone who follows me knows, I love wearing pearls with casual outfits.

Well folks, for today that’s all  – time to get back to sorting, clearing, selling and decluttering.

Hope y’all have had a fabulous thus far … here’s to a magical fun weekend.

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1 Comment on Fabulous Friyay

  1. Lynn
    26 September 2016 at 11:28 (5 years ago)

    Nice post Sista … love all the outfits.

    Good luck with the decluttering.