Yesterday’s outfit
One of my new favourite necklaces that I got from my sister for my birthday.
I’m trying to decide whether I in fact have a long torso because whenever a shirt has a belt loop, it seems to sit to high up.  Anyways, todays shirt is from Jet, my fave black trousers from Finnigans at Truworths and shoes from Truworths. 
Miss Courteney was enjoying my acting up and posing a little.
Last night was dinner with my sister, which is our little monthly get-together, which was tense and had my older sister and I have a slightly heated disagreement with regard to child rearing and moral education. 
I have kept quite for months now as we try to keep peace around her, but last night I’d simply reach my tipping point.  I wonder if she’ll stop attending our monthly get-together, but that’s her choice and in some ways I’m being rather hard, but enough it enough and like it or not, every is dealing with their own issues.
So it’s weekend … not much planned but lots as usual that needs to get done.  I have a serious amount of ironing hanging in my wardrobe, a pile of shirts and t-shirts to sort out, a pile of magazines and papers as well as two blankets that need to be ‘defluffed’ of cat hair, washed, dried and packed away until next winter.  Summer clothes upstairs need to brought down, winter and summer stuff swapped and my wardrobe is in a real mess.  I need to get around to tidying out my make-up and toiletries drawer and and and … sort sort sort … toss toss toss.
So, until we meet again, hope your weekend is fabulous.

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