My little car was f.f.f.f.frozen this morning and f.f.f.f.freezing inside.  Luckily my heater works like a charm and my schatz kindly did the gentlemanly thing and scraped the ice off the windscreen.  I almost think it’s time to buy an ice scraper … but hopefully she won’t need to be parked out in the cold for too much longer. 
Some of the plants have taken a big knock and I’m glad I packed my fuschia’s in the garage as I’m sure the frost would have wrecked havoc with them.
Its almost weekend … just a few hours to go.  Got a ‘to do’ list building here and I must not let the cold sway me from getting of it done.  
Wondering what I should get my schatz, the pseudo-dad for Father’s day … hmmmm. 
Well, let me get back to clearing my inbox 🙂
Keep warm … keep snuggly.

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1 Comment on F.f.f.f.f.freezing still

  1. cat
    18 June 2010 at 10:45 (12 years ago)

    Have a good weekend.