I developed a load of ‘tummy’ issues a few months back which consisted of acid reflux, painful bloating and cramping. A visit to my doctor and a urine test showed a UTI, yet I was not suffering from UTI symptoms. My Dr. gave me a script and arranged for an abdominal scan a few days later. The scan could not find any causes besides some gallstones.

Medication was not giving me much relief and at that point, I was contacted and asked if I’d give Elixirmune Gut Guard a try and give a review, and I jumped at the chance. I do prefer as often as possible to take natural medications and this is right up my alley.

I first did a full week of nightly Elixirmune for my gut issue. Within three days of taking the mixture, the bloating and acid reflux had significantly reduced and the stomach cramps and bloating only became evident once I’d eaten and seemed to be worse if I’d had too many carbs or coniferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage, however, I find that by the next morning my tummy feels good. I then went on to the 3 x weekly dose and my tummy issues have been less frequent. I do intend to continue to use this product and will continue suggesting it to friends and relatives

Why should you try Eliximune

 ELIXIRMUNE Gut Guard is a potent natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medication that powers up your body’s immunity system to help fight bacterial, fungal, and viral infections the way nature has done for millions of years.

ELIXIRMUNE Gut Guard creates a “rain forest” of good bacteria in your gut that fight the bad bacteria that cause illness and disease.

  •  Alleviates digestive tract and gut related conditions
  • Combats auto-immune diseases and disorders
  • Treats metabolic disorders and diabetic ailments
  • Alleviates respiratory and poor circulation conditions
  • Combats fungal, bacterial and viral infections
  •  Alleviates gout and arthritic symptoms and inflammation
  •  Elixirmune is vegan friendly, 100% natural and organic
  • Travel-friendly, refrigeration is not required 
  • 70% of disease and illness start in the gut
  • 100 % Made From Nature

Elixirmune is also used for treating the following conditions :

Gut and Digestive Tract Disorders | Compromised Immunity| Metabolic Disorders | Diabetes Symptoms | Auto-Immune Disorders | Fibromyalgia | Bacterial ,Viral, Fungal Infections | Respiratory and Circulatory Conditions | TB symptoms | Covid symptoms| Arthritis | Gout | Skin Conditions | Psoriasis| Eczema| Acne | Blood Disorders | Anaemia | Ulcers | Wounds| Burns Sun Damage

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