As promised yesterday, an outfit post.  Actually, two outfit posts.

Courteney and I have a lot of laughs when she takes my pictures.  She usually stands there pulling faces at me and sucking in her lil cheeks … so silly.

 T-shirt : Truworths
Pants : Edgars
Jacket :
Sandals : Makro
Brooch : From my Mom (ta Mom)
Shirt : Woolworths (circa 2007)
Skirt : Finnigans @ Truworths
Shoes : Ackermans
Bangles : Charlotte Russe
I’ve pictured these shoes with my skinny jeans and new top bought at Mr. Price yesterday … and with my tan skirt that I have not worn in ages, and with my other brown pants, and with my denim skirt and … oh heck, just about my entire wardrobe.
I bought a fairly cheap nail polish from Truworths by Kangol and am impressed by how well its lasted.  No top coat and it handled 5 days, that’s impressive to me.
I started the new thyroid medication last night.  I am confident its going to help me feel fantastic and drop a little weight.  I’m not greedy, just 5 or 7 kgs would be fabulous.  That’s a dress size and a little. 
‘Til next time
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2 Comments on Double dose

  1. Lynne DeVenny
    28 March 2012 at 23:23 (10 years ago)

    Love the pics (they say happy!), the pants, and the bow-tie blouse. I remember Woolworths – wow, it’s been awhile! 😀

  2. Lynn
    29 March 2012 at 13:41 (10 years ago)

    Now that burnt orange shirt is shouting out to me … “COME AND FETCH ME!!!!” So be very careful when I next come to visit!!! Love it.