Hello friends … today I have a double bill for you.

This jacket is divine … I could not resist the colour.  Sadly though, my trousers are a little big … except for my black pants, both my cream and this biscuity colour pants are now looking a little yuck.  Guess I really  need to look at replacing them.

I do love the different textures on these shoes

Details : Trousers : Edgars | Shirt : Truworths | Jacket : Chata Romano | Shoes : Edgars |
In the mirror this morning, this outfit did not look too bad, but now that I’m reviewing it in the photo, I’m none too impressed.  I don’t think this lenght of skirt with the length of boot is working too well and the belt maybe should have been dropped all together.   Trial and error … the joy of trying things out.

Yippee – I’m seeing my hairdresser tomorrow … my hair is so due for a trim.  I’m almost considering going a little shorter and more whispy …  considering, not decided.  But here are two thoughs in my head, althought I’m more likely to go for the straight styling as opposed to the layered as it’s a bit more work and as I’m all for what will get me out the house the quickest.

My sister Noleen is going to freak out when she sees these, as I know she prefers me with my hair a little longer … so to placate her … here’s a little longer length choices.  Although the image below if similar to my previous cut just with a heavier fringe.  Ah, decisions.

Any comments, recommendations or inputs will be appreciated?

The Outfit Reviews : (based on personal observation and reading input – my favourite people)
Monday – Fabulous
Tuesday – Neat
Wednesday – Try again

Well y’all, it’s getting late here in the southern hemisphere and I’d best get going to bed … need to still put an outfit together for tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing great.

Be fabulous, be smart, be daring … ’til next time

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5 Comments on Double bill

  1. Piper Alexander
    3 August 2011 at 21:14 (10 years ago)

    This may not be helpful, but I like all of them! My favorites are the 1st two.

    Totally unrelated, I would love if you told me how to get the “rate my look” tool on my blog. Please? Sharing is caring!

  2. Shybiker
    3 August 2011 at 23:11 (10 years ago)

    Can’t wait to see your new hair-style!

  3. Harija
    5 August 2011 at 03:46 (10 years ago)

    CUte outfit!

    Neat post – wanna follow each other?

  4. cat
    5 August 2011 at 10:58 (10 years ago)

    I actually like Wednesday – I think the skirt and boots are fine, but yes, you can drop the belt. Am also going hairdresser side tomorrow – but mostly to get rid of the grey.

    I also did a fashion something today.

  5. Linda-Maree
    5 August 2011 at 19:14 (10 years ago)

    Missed your outfit postings – Welcome back – I like both outfits – That jacket is amazing – And Wednesday is really stylish….Lots of love