Monday 5am rolled around way too quickly and when the alarm rang, I wished it were possible to reject the reality and simply turn over and go back to sleep.  But, I’m quite disciplined and got up and hit the snooze button which gave me all of 10 minutes. 

I was a good girl and organised a few outfits on Sunday – which means I actually did some ironing.  I must admit, I’m missing my Steamor something terrible but have every intention of buying a new one … hmm … maybe I should convince my sisters who did not give me a gift for Valentine’s to pool their cash and buy it for me!  Now that’s a satisfying thought.
The inspiration for this outfit comes from Kendi everyday and specifically, this outfit, tweaked to suit my wardrobe.
I was feeling a little daring and mixed up the polka dots with my snakeskin patterned shoes.  The young lassies on the web sure are inspiring and although possibly not intentional, seem to push us more mature ‘wanna-be-fashionista’s’ to step out of the old rules.

Shirt : Contempo
Pants : Woolworths
Shoes : Kelso/Edgars
Bangles : Various  Edgars, Mr. Price
Earrings : Truworths
Belt : drawing a blank this evening
As you can see, Jodi loves posing with me for the camera.  It’s really rather sweet.  We were so worried about her when Baron passed away last year, but she has handled it so well and I think she loves the extra attention.
I have a wee gripe though … I painted my nails, which includes a basecoat and then two coats of polish, followed by ‘chip resistant’ topcoat, however, am so disappointed with this polish.  I bought the Strawberry Margarita by OPI and this is the second time I’ve painted my nails, and the next morning, even though I’ve done nothing more than relax, the tips are all chipped!!!  Considering that its a good R30.00 more than the Essie, I’m really not pleased.  The only good think I have to say about this polish is that the colour is really cute – anyone want a free bottle of ‘new’ nail polish – I’ll trade you it for a cappucino 🙂
til next time, ‘Keep it Simply Sassy Stylish’

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2 Comments on Dotty day

  1. Lynette
    7 March 2012 at 11:41 (10 years ago)

    You look amazing as always.

  2. Lynn
    8 March 2012 at 15:47 (10 years ago)

    I love your black accessory!!! Jodi sure has come into her own since Baron has been gone ~ she looks too cute posing with you. Nice look!