For the longest time, before I started my style blog, I was always taking pictures and when I look at the family pics, there are huge gaps where I simply don’t feature.  My children will have more images than they’d ever need of me, but not many are as good as these that follow.

I did another shoot with an awesome photog, Calvin Way, this past weekend.  He was not totally happy with the results from our previous shoot two weekends back and wanted to do some more.  The venue we went to is a gorgeous house in Northcliff.

2016-04-25 07.16.20It was fun and I had a total blast.  I have a new respect for models – trying to keep myself planted on the balcony without falling off left me feeling as though I’d had a real gym workout.13055655_10154991296654852_5045884898974031854_o

I’m still perfectly imperfect but embracing it all and at peace with my imperfections.FB_IMG_1461578753894FB_IMG_1461578760863Pop out the hip, pull up the butt, foot to the side, watch out for the chicken neck … don’t hide your hands, don’t make a fist – there was of lot of tongue pulling by me, again – lol.  Just fun all round.  As I’m typing this I’m taken back to being age 16 and having photos done and feeling incredibly awkward.  At the time I was recovering from a severe case of pharyngitis and looked like a bit of a bullfrog (I should try and find those photos – I was so uncomfortable in front of the camera).  I was wearing a yellow boilersuit and a t-shirt.  What a memory!2016-04-25 10.06.21Looking for great photos, see of Calvins’ work here.

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2 Comments on and … pose … hold it right there

  1. Lynn
    27 April 2016 at 10:50 (6 years ago)

    GORGEOUS photos!!!! He was lucky to have such a gorgeous subject to work with. I love the one on the balcony … doesn’t look like you were holding on for dear life … well done!!!!

    • Wendy
      29 April 2016 at 17:08 (6 years ago)

      I’ll show you which were the missions … lol