My sons are due to visit their Dad over the summer holidays and their passports expired.  As all good citizens do, I checked the requirements on the site, gathered my documentation and headed off with my boys to apply.

Firstly, our locals offices scanner only works in the morning :gasp:.  I’m still not understanding why, but ja-nee.  In the process, find out that my one sons first needs to apply for his ID before he can apply for a passport.  My bad.  We went once before and the queue was horrendous, so we left, promising to go back, but it got slipped into the ‘get to it soon’ file, and kinda put it off and forgot at some point.

Once we start with the process for my younger, am told that my Divorce Decree, which states that I have custody is not enough and because the Dad is not present, is not enough and am told to go to the Children’s Court to get permission.  Once there, am told by the Magistrate that because the father does not live in the country, there’s nothing she can do.  Little more info or direction is given.  Angry and frustrated I return home and sit down to do some searching, as I was told by the Magistrate to ‘do my own homework’.

I then decided to call the Hotline.  Oh my, what an experience!!  A POSITIVE ONE AT THAT PEOPLE!

The lovely young lady, after explaining the situation to her, puts me on hold, comes back after a few minutes, apologises profusely for keeping me holding so long and says that she can’t understand why the Dept. told me to go to the Children’s Court.  In fact, their Dads need to visit his Consulate or Embassy to complete a Letter of Consent, which they will forward to my local office.

Why oh why the run around, aggravation and frustration.  So, if your ex does not live in the country, get them to head to the consulate to get a Letter of Consent done.

Thanks to the awesome young lady – I’d have hugged her and bought her coffee if I’d been fortunate enough to deal with her face to face.

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1 Comment on Dept. Home Affairs Hotline – my new favourite people

  1. Lynn
    15 March 2016 at 09:15 (6 years ago)

    Sad that you had to go through the frustration first but thankfully it was a good outcome.