For the longest time I’ve done very little creatively besides take photographs and work on my blog/website.  My diary for this year is a locally manufactured one (I usually buy the John Maxwell diary) Crafter’s Daily Planner : For the creative soul and has all sorts of ideas and partly why I chose it is that I want to create more.  I believe in the deepest part of me I’m a creative soul and I think that part of the negativity I’ve been feeling is that I’m not creating much where I get down ‘n a little dirty.

I bought a set of crochet needles while in the USA and did a few lines, but that’s as far as I got with that.  Its there, on the other side of the room and I see it often.  I also asked my daughter if I could make her wedding album and have bought a lot of bits ‘n pieces for it and now need to get the photos printed.

On Saturday Schatz asked me to go with him to a metal store in downtown and I’m really not sure what he was looking for, but we went and found it to be closed.  So we drove up to see what’s happening with the mine dump that was taken down and then on our way back spotted Heritage Crafts and he decided stop.  Heritage craft supply craft paint and wooden items etc.  While in the store I saw some gorgeous treasure chests and thought hmmmm now that would be something nice to do again – a little decoupage.  So I bought a little treasure chest, a decoupage starter set and some napkins to use to decorate the treasure chest with.  An additional bottle of paint was added to the set and another one today when we visited Builders Warehouse along with another set of sponge paintbrushes.

Photo: Day 45/100 crafting sassy = happy sassy ... It's been too long. #100happydays #happysassy #crafting #decoupage

This afternoon I started to painting the box and must admit, my mood is feeling so much lighter.

There are so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest that could have you buys for hours, days, weeks or possibly even months.  I’ll show more of my little project soon.

P.S.  Found this quote “View your craft as if it were a medication that you need to take every day for optimal benefit. ~ Robert Renier”  from this article


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2 Comments on Create

  1. Jolene
    11 March 2014 at 06:44 (8 years ago)

    I am currently trying to motivate myself with creativity so completely understand Aunty Wends! Good on you for just DOING it! Xx

  2. Lynn
    28 March 2014 at 03:29 (8 years ago)

    You need to do a post of the end result … it is gorgeous.