I had an interview yesterday and found that most of my skirts no longer fit me,  I’ve already established this, but was surprised that another three had to be added to the ‘take them to the tailor’ pile.  I’m not complaining, don’t for one second think that, but it threw me off because the outfit I’d put together in my mind fell to the floor and I had to scramble deciding what else to wear.

One of the reasons I love ‘classic’ styled clothing, shoes and accessories is that they truly never go out of style.

The skirt I bought last year, but the shoes are at least 4 years old (church shoes my brother in law called them) and the cardigan is at least 4 years old as well.

20150618_170800 2015-06-18-17.08.28 2015-06-18-17.08.09 2015-06-18-21.26.38 pearlbracelet

Details : Cardigan : Truworths | Tank : MRP | Skirt : The Hub | Shoes : Legit | Pearl Necklace : NWJ | Bracelet : Bought @ TheSheds, 1 Fox Street | Ring : Fifth Avenue Collections

A previous look featuring the same skirt in summer



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3 Comments on Classic black ‘n taupe

  1. Lynn
    21 June 2015 at 13:32 (7 years ago)

    Gorgeous outfit! How did the interview go?

  2. Cat@jugglingact
    22 June 2015 at 13:40 (7 years ago)

    That looked beautiful! How did it go?