A month or so ago I spotted this super chunky cuddly oversized knit in Woolies and decided to add it to my closet.  I’m very bad in that I don’t often try things on in the store and then wait two or three months before I wear said item and by then I’ve tossed the receipt in the bin and in fact I think a size down would have been better, but then it would also have been shorter in the back.  I’m not totally in love with this ‘high-low’ look on this knit, but I do love the feel of it, so I’ll be forgiving of the inadequacies … lol.  When I was rummaging for what top to wear, I saw this in the back of my drawer and feeling a bit flu-ish along with a sty, I needed some cuddling and since everyone was at work and school, the next best thing beside my winter gown is a good chunky knit.

I added my black ‘pirate boots’ from Rage which are about three years old and my leopard print scarf from Cotton On that reminds of the one Taryn was wearing when I visited her for the wedding in January.  At the time of purchasing this scarf, it was marked down to a ridiculous R60.00 – y’all know how I love a half price bargain.

Jeggings, chunky knit and a leopard print scarf
Jeggings, chunky knit and a leopard print scarf

Not a winning look in my eyes, I think my jeggings are starting to get too stretched and looking a little too lose around the crotch area, but an acceptable look overall, but where the knit is ending, its evening out the hips a little.  No accessories beside my diamond studs as the knit and scarf have more than enough going on by themselves.

Did you spy my gorgeous old suitcase in the background?
Did you spy my gorgeous old suitcase in the background?

Another chilly morning in Jo’burg and a rather murky looking morning overall.  But this gal has the world to conquer so I’ll be heading off.

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Details : Jeggings – Ackermans | Knit – Woolworths | Boots – Rage | Scarf – Cotton On

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3 Comments on Chunky knits from Woolies

  1. Sarah
    22 May 2014 at 13:54 (8 years ago)

    I love the shape of that sweater and how it just sort of effortlessly falls. Makes me wish it was winter here again… almost.

  2. Lynette Jacobs
    22 May 2014 at 14:16 (8 years ago)

    Looking good Wendy. I am still a bit afraid of the high low sweaters. I am just not brave enough for it.

  3. Lynn
    23 May 2014 at 15:14 (8 years ago)

    That chunky jersey sure looks nice on you! and I LOVE the boots!!! Hope your eye gets better real soon!!!