I headed out to the Nan Hau Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorspruit with three friends yesterday to join in the New year Festivities. We had the lighting ceremony in the Main Shrine, then went to watch the dancing Dragon and they set off fireworks. it was interesting to learn what each part is believed to help.

Wearing red for good luck at Chinese New Year Celebration

My friend Ansu then sent me this list – which I found interesting. I do find ancient cultures very interesting and their ceremonies are usually filled with meaning.

  • Create physical space in your home for new opportunities. Declutter anything that you don’t LOVE/use/need to be enjoyed by someone else and to make breathing room for your dreams to grow
  • CLEAN like Oprah is coming to visit!! We’re creating a BLANK SLATE for infinite possibilities
  • WD-40 all door hinges for a smooth transition
  • Clean all windows & mirrors for clarity and a fresh perspective
  • Buy 8 mandarin oranges or a bowl of fresh fruit and place it on your dining room table or in your kitchen to invite abundance & perfect health in the new year
  • Set intentions for 2020! The Chinese New Year always corresponds with the Aquarius New Moon and it’s the perfect time to plant the seeds of intention for our desires!
  • FORGIVE yourself or someone else. No need to go into your fresh start/new year with the heavy burden of hatred, guilt or anger ?
  • TITHE–any act of generosity (no matter how small) will magnetize wealth and good luck to you & your family
  • Open all doors & at least a few windows at midnight to usher out the old year and welcome the new
  • Roll oranges over the threshold of your front door or throw coins from the outside into your entry & don’t pick them up until January 26 {this invites BIG MONEY!} A little late to do this
  • Re-spray your gold rocks for the Mountain of Wealth cure
  • Buy a healthy new plant to invite growth and new beginnings
  • Plan a family meal or party with friends so you can embrace the charismatic, SOCIAL energy of the Year of the Rat
  • Clean your wallet or buy a new wallet you LOVE & fill it with cash and coins {I do 108 dollars in a new red wallet!}
  • Finish a project or cross it off your to-do list
  • Wear red underwear or something RED to welcome good luck
  • Wearing Red at the Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Bang pots & pans, ring a bell or play loud music at midnight to shift the energy and banish bad vibes
  • Pay off a debt or at least pay down a debt that has been burdening you to usher in financial freedom in 2020
  • On New Year’s Day…don’t cry, cuss, yell or talk about your problems/the past/any struggles
  • Buy fresh flowers or something new for your space to amplify the feeling of WORTHINESS and luxury in 2020

Wishing each of you INFINITE success!!


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