With my reading glasses on … you don’t see me often with my glasses on … At this point I must apologise for the poor quality of images – I was just not cracking it and even Jarod was not able to capture a good image … some days the camera is just a challenge.

black-and-blackT-Shirt : Pick ‘n Pay | Cargo Pants : Miladys | Belt : Mr. Price | Shoes : Meltz | Watch : Diva blackcargopantsSince becoming an avid and enthusiastic style blogger I have veered away from all black or mostly black outfits and introduced an abundance of colour, however, black is still one my most favourite colours to wear and I don’t often let it have its way with me, but there are days where I do and today was one of those days.

I was not in the mood for jeans and since I had a dentist appointment and needed to exchange Schatzies gift and do some grocery shopping, I opted for trousers instead of a dress or skirt.  These are a lovely light cotton and although I’ve had them since August, this is only the second time I’ve worn them.

The first time I wore them, I really felt rather uncomfortable and they seemed to sit really low on my backside and I felt as though I was exposing myself, and since then have put them on at least twice and then taken them off.  But today, to my surprise, they felt almost right.  As always they are about two sizes too big in my waist (its totally normal for me that when something fits my hips, its too big in the waist – I see all the pear shaped ladies nodding in agreement and sympathy) but were higher up over the behind.  Well, I can only attribute that to the reduction in size on my rear with my new eating plan, walks on the treadmill and Cassey Ho’s Blogilates.

I also decided to let you see how I look when I’m working at the PC and took the first photo with my reading glasses on, just to keep it real.

Count down to USA trip … 24 days to take off … countdown to bedtime = NOW.

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2 Comments on Casual look in black

  1. Monica P
    5 December 2013 at 03:14 (8 years ago)

    Perfect look – I LOVE black on black. It’s very slimming and I think it’s eye catching and a bit mysterious.


  2. Annette
    6 December 2013 at 09:29 (8 years ago)

    That’s a great look, Wendy, I love black on black! Only once I wore glasses on the blog but in reality, I am blind as anything when it comes to computers and reading… cannot live with out my reading glasses and I urgently need new ones.

    Have a good weekend, although a sad weekend not only for your nation.
    Annette | Lady of Style