For years I’ve been wanting a Jo Tote Camera Bag after I first heard about them on Becky Higgins blog years ago.   I had looked at them then and only dreamt of owning one as they were not available here at the time.  The whole cost of insurance and postage then import duties on top just put me off ordering them directly. Then two weeks ago I saw that another blogger I enjoy reading had found them here via Camera Couture … oh joy….. I would have loved to be able to see each one in person first, but since that’s not a possibility at this point, I’m taking a gamble and ordering myself the The Betsy. 

Betsy Chocolate 

Kelly Boy Brown
Kelly boy

The question of course was which one do I choose.  It’s a little difficult making the choice without seeing the item in real life, but I’m choosing the Betsy.  I like that it does not look like a traditional camera bag slung over your shoulder.  I also prefer a satchel looking bag so of course, the Kelly boy looks rather appealing too.  But I think the Betsy should cover all my needs.
I’m rather excited, I’ll be able to take my camera along more easily now, after I figure out exactly what I can fit and what will need to be rethought and possibly ditched, which is what I’ve been wanting to do since forever.
I’ll let you know what I think of it once I get it in a couple of days.
Hope your weekend has been filled with happy snaps.
Marshy enjoying an afternoon siesta


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