I’m about to head for my evening shower and that will officially signal the end of yet another weekend, A.L.R.E.A.D.Y.!  Seems that no matter how hard I plan, I just don’t seem to achieve all the ‘me’ things I plan, namely scrapbooking or doing some work on my website … but, I did get to spend the entire morning yesterday with Jarod … we went shopping, just the two of us, we had breakfast and he did not need to compete with anyone for my attention the whole morning.  It’s not often that he and I get time alone and what was great, was how affectionate he was towards me the rest of the day and the evening … it was great.
I did more sorting in my wardrobe this morning … I have decided to stop trying to fool myself into believing that I could successfully do ‘T.G.A.A.D’ … I failed completely.  I keep saying ‘enough’ … but then I got to the stores and I see a shirt that screams my name and shoes that jump off the shelves onto my feet … and skirts and pants that get a strangle hold of me and demand to be taken home … sigh … so I’ve given up fooling myself, however, my wardrobe is not lying, it’s taking strain under the weight.  I had to hang clothing double, much as I don’t like to, but I could not move the hangers anymore.  So I cleared the bottom draw of my chest of drawers and put my jeans in there and between that and the double hanging, its allowed for a little more ‘movement’ … I still dream of this, but my clothing collection is a little larger but it would be great to have all the shelves and shoe boxes and just the sheer space in this closet. 

 But alas, mine won’t be looking like this anytime soon, but it’s a lot better than it was when dawn broke.  I’m working at it every weekend and seem to be making headway .. now if only I could convince G-man that I really do need his closet … ah, dreams are good friends … but a tidy wardrobe is better and a few new items, divine … and with that I wish you a good night and sweet dreams, hope the week ahead is fabulous and stylish.
Ciao bella …
P.S. … if the anonymous visitors passes by … please answer this question … are you per chance my good ol’ net buddy Miss Judi?  The comment about the camera being flood on the mission trip rang a bell.

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  1. whenlifehandsyouapear
    30 January 2011 at 22:15 (11 years ago)

    I think you deserve credit for even considering T.G.A.A.D., don’t you? I can’t even wrap my brain around trying, because like you, I always seem to be able to find something I love, (unless, of course, I actually NEED something!).