My little Tazz that is all of 11 years old is finally giving up the game. My bil serviced her this past weekend and said that she’s well into her old age and it is time for her to be retired.
So the last two days I have spent a bit of time surfing and looking at replacements.  Taking cost into consideration all with options/accessories, at this point the Kia Picanto 1.1 Striker is rating high on my list. 
I have asked my ex sister-in-law to get her fiance to call me as I believe he is a salesman for the company.  I did also send a contact request to another dealership in connection with a previously owned one.  G-man has apparently heard from the dealer.
It’s one of the things I was hoping to avoid purchasing for at least a year, but when I’m given advise by someone such as my bil, whom I hold in high esteem and trust completely, I know it’s time to do it and now while her trade-in value would probably be more favourable.
So, the search in on … replacement vehicle here I come, however, this seriously impacts on my ‘closet capers’ and I’m going to have to do some ‘shop my wardrobe’ for the next couple months.  I’m now more convinced than ever that I need to photograph my clothing and ask others for mix ‘n match inputs.  I believe we just don’t see our clothes through creative eyes at times and if I can’t get something new, then at least I’ll try my best to make what I do have more appealing. 
Think it’s time to take a serious shopping hiatus.

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