We headed off to the Glen this morning as there were a couple of things on our shopping list … Courts and G-man needed vitamins and she has started a bit of flu and our cough meds were depleted.  So off we went.

We also need to get young Liam a new pillow – all of R200 which I believe was an unnecessary expenditure as his allergic reaction I sorta believe is psychosematic.  But, we got the pillow anyway for peace of mind, as well as two new towels for the boys bathroom with a hand towel, a canned tin strainer and new oven gloves at Boardmans (I lurve me some Boardmans).  Then we headed to Pick ‘n Pay for some food shopping and after that I wanted to look at a Steamor at HomeMark.  I ended up buying it and G-man got a Shark Knife with sharpener.  He muttered and mumbled saying how he does not have faith in the supplier, but his tune changed once he tried the knife sharpened, and due his negativity, I was a bit apprehensive, but must say, the Steamor is a breeze to use and will help with the morning ‘hanging’ creases.

I stayed out of majority of the clothes stores, but did pass through Aldo and then Step Ahead where I saw some cute Tsonga boots similar to these … (you may be aware, we are starting to head towards winter here in the southern hemisphere, so our stores are just bringing in the winter styles and stock)
but I could not find a picture of the pair I saw.
We came home and I tried out the Steamor and then headed upstairs to scrapbook.  I did one page, which is much more than I have in ages.  Although I had printed other pictures last night, in the daylight, I noticed that it looks like my cartridge is running low and a lot of them had a blue-ish tinge to them.  I’ll post it once I’ve scanned it at work tomorrow.  It’s two photos from 2002 of my boys in the bath … so cute.
It was walk down memory lane looked at photos from so far back – although many of the moments and memories are so clear and fresh in some ways in my mind.  Almost makes me sad.
Well dinner is done, kiddies are in bed, schatz is watching the Sunday movie and I had hoped to catch my friend in Cameroon on Facebook, but I’m out of luck – so I’m going to take my tired body downstairs, drink my cuppa, shower, dig through the wardrobe for something to wear tomorrow and then … crawl under the covers and have a good snooze and pray that my lil girl feels better in the morning, otherwise, it’ll be a doctors run tomorrow.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Ciao bella

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1 Comment on Boots and scrapbooking

  1. Shybiker
    13 March 2011 at 20:49 (11 years ago)

    What a nice account of a full day. Looking at old photos can be bittersweet. Thanks for sharing.