1. I have learnt to control my impatience and impulsiveness in some areas of my life.
  2. I have a weakness for shoes … especially high heeled shoes.
  3. I am one of 4 siblings and have 4 children.
  4. I love taking photographs and enjoy looking at photographs, even of people I don’t know.
  5. My favourite animals are cats … from teeny weeny baby kittens to great big fierce roaring lions.
  6. I’m very opinionated and there are few grey areas in life.
  7. I’m extremely protective of the people in my life.  I’ve learnt with age and maybe some wisdom, when it’s better to step back, but I think part of that is being a mother and realising that others are dependent on you.
  8. Although people think I’m self confident and outgoing, in reality I battle with low self esteem and am very shy, I just made a decision early in life to try and deal with it, because I do love people and meeting new people – it’s really a total contradiction.
  9. I don’t believe I’d have gotten through what I have in my life if I did not know Jesus Christ.  He’s my rock, my friend, my strength, my confidant … I tried so hard to be ‘a good Christian’ girl and change my personality and then I read The Purpose Drive life and realised that he made me as I am for a reason.

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