Black & grey

Despite not posting here in the last year or so, and also because I hardly ever dressed up in more than just jeans due to never knowing when i’d be running around a building site, I have kept posting on my IG account.

But I thought I’d share a look from yesterday.  A simple black body con skirt, simplest grey t-shirt and divine Aldo heels.  A little black jacket for stepping out the office in.

So excited that my eldest daughter will be arriving this week to visit to her ‘birthplace’ – I can understand if she no longer considers it ‘home’ as she is now an America Citizen and has created an entire life and world for herself there.  I’m super excited (and a little worried) for my Mom as she has no idea that her precious granddaughter is heading our way.

I’ll drop in again real soon – until then, check out my ig, faebook and pinterest links (they’ll be up soon I promise)

Ciao bella, Wendy